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COVID-19: Updated to include changes in regulations and guidance as at October 2020.

Our area, BH11 and BH17, is at Local Covid Alert Level - Medium.

Organised indoor dance and exercise classes can continue to take place provided:

  • The venue and organiser are compliant with the Govt Regulations and Guidelines
  • With larger numbers present, providing groups of more than six do not mix
  • Participants should, wherever possible, ensure they socially distance from people they do not live with


We and the venues we use are compliant. The main changes are:

  • Reduced numbers of people in the venue
  • Additional enhanced daily cleaning including before, in between and after classes
  • Social Distancing - 2mtrs where possible or a minimum of 1mtr with other precautions in place
  • Class places must be pre-booked. This ensures compliance with the Govt Track & Trace Program
  • One way systems for entry and exit
  • Avoid queueing, observe social distancing 
  • It is not a requirement to wear a face covering whilst dancing.  However, it is mandatory to wear a face covering when entering and exiting the venue and when not dancing.


We use two venues, both local Community Centres.  In both venues the hall we use is separate from the other facilities within the centre. Both centres have implemented comprehensive daily cleaning and sanitising routines.

Creekmoor Community Centre:

  • Entry and exit is via the side entrance to the left of the building
  • Hand Sanitisers are strategically placed
  • When attending the second class please observe social distancing and allow those in the first class to leave before you enter the hall
  • The Venue Management have confirmed they have agreed plans to further improve the ventilation and accoustics of the main hall


Bearwood Community Centre:

  • Entry via the main entrance, Exit via the side door to the car park
  • Hand Sanitisers are strategically placed


We will supply additional hand sanitisers and ensure chairs, tables and other surfaces are sanitised before and between classes.